The Dark Mother

Mother of all Orcs and slayer of the Wizard King. Loving towards her children and a terror to behold.


“My beautiful children. See how they play as your city burns.”

For the longest time the Dark Mother slumbered in her pit, long forgotten by the world, a myth. She has awoken in the current age, still bearing the scars of her battle with the Wizard King (now become the Lich King). The Dark Mother is spoiling for a fight, and has reclaimed her position as absolute leader of the northern orcish warbands.

Usual Location
Constantly prowling the edges of the empire, sending out her orcs raiders to test the defenses that the civilized races have erected.

Common Knowledge
According to legend the Dark Mother was created by the elves to be a progenitor of a new warrior race. They succeeded for the tyranny of the Wizard King was ended, but the orcs remained. The orcs have always been like locusts, swarming over civilization but then fading away quickly. Now the orcs have a leader and they show a fanatical religious devotion to her.

The Dark Mother lost a hand and an eye in her battle with the Wizard King, and her pet necromancers are constantly attaching replacements taken from prisoners. No replacement lasts long, her unholy vitality is no match for lesser flesh.

The Dark Mother cares for two things, her many ‘children’ and her burning inborn desire for conflict. Exactly what she will do now that she is awoken is anybody’s guess – many of the other icons have put certain plans on hold waiting to see whose side she will be on.

The Dark Mother hates the Lich King – a hate bred into her by her creators. The Elf Queen is a target for the Dark Mother, she was betrayed by the elves and she thirsts for hot elf blood. The Emperor and the Dwarf King are the icons that most directly oppose her orcs, so the Dark Mother has a grudge against them too.

The Dark Mother

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