Character Creation

Most Creation will be done in a session since I think only I have the preview rules out of my normal players. This section is more for background and story info for the players.

The New World Awaits

News of the discovery spreads like wildfire. Ambitious lords, zealous high priests and enterprising merchants draw their plans fervently. The docks of the cities blaze with activity, as ships are outfitted for long journeys and word goes out at every village square and tavern throughout the kingdom. The New World has been found and the rush to claim and colonize it has begun!

A brave group of adventurers joins the first expedition to make landfall in the New World. They will have to overcome unique challenges and threats unheard of in the known world. Their greatest enemy is not an evil adversary or corrupt king. It is the unknown. The unknown land that stretches endlessly past the horizon: the unknown inhabitants of the New World and most importantly the unknown decisions that will ensure the safety and prosperity of the fledgling colony. There are many possible futures for the adventurers and the colony but most past the horizon end in failure and death. The adventurers must choose wisely or they will not survive the first winter.


Pretty much no restriction on the standard 13th age races. All the optional ones in the book are also allowed.

If a player wishes to be a new world native, for those entering the game late, the Grippli race is also available.


Many Icons express interest in the new world.

The Emperor is the one funding this expedition. For all extensive purposes the colony is part of the dragon empire.

The Archmage and The Priestess Serve the empire and as such have also put forth resources to help the colony. The Archmage in particular was the one to (rather accidentally) divine the existence of a new continent.

The High Druid is mainly concerned with the many spirits of nature the Empire has chained into servitude. That said the thought of the Empire capturing even more nature spirits in the new world and enslaving them is not something she will be able to ignore continually.

The Lich King wants to reconquer the lands he once ruled. Those are NOT in the New World. Unless news of something that could help him tip the balance of power into his favor reaches him, He will be content to ignore the new world

The Dark Mother has no more interest in the new world than any other location. That does not make anyone feel reassured.

The Elf Queen has interest in the new world and wishes for her power to be felt there. This is only enhanced upon the discovery that many of the natives are in fact Elves.

The Dwarf King more important goals are in the old world, but he and his kingdom is always looking to add more treasure to their halls. Who knows what treasures this new world hides.

The Crusader sees the new world as a potential place for the demons and the devils of the world to hide and gain number. This can not stand.

The Prince of Shadows is inherently unpredictable, but considering the colony is only just now starting, he will most likely be after far more juicy targets in the old world. This could change if the colony begins to thrive…

the Diabolist … Maybe she will decide to come over, maybe she won’t. It is rather hard to tell. To be fair it is unlikely as she prefers to stay close to her Hell Marsh in the Old World

the Great Gold Wyrm is sealing the entire world from the dangers of the abyss. The many heroes and paladins he inspires feel no place is any less worth trying to save. It is rumored that the new world already has paladins dedicated to him, but no proof of this has been confirmed.

The Three intentions are rather unknown in regards to the new world. The Blue dragon has been put under a gease and serves as the imperial governor of Drakenhall for the empire. So he has strings to pull if he wishes.

Character Creation

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