Grippli hunter

The grippli are an emerging race in the New World. Endlessly energetic, they desire nothing more than to establish their place as one of the major races. They do not seek to rule the world, merely to assert their rightful position as a dominant species. After all, what other mortal race can jump as high as a grippli or swim as fast? They are a race of optimists, confident that they will become as important as the humans, elves and dwarves that seem to run the world. How can they be so confident about this? Why, they’re grippli and everyone knows that the grippli are great!

As a Player Race

+2 Dex or Con

Amphibious: Grippli do need to breathe air but they can hold their breath for 20 rounds before an Endurance check is necessary. They can move their full speed when swimming and do not need to make a history check.

Small: Grippli have a +2 AC bonus against opportunity attacks.

Racial Power: Great Leap

Once per battle you may choose to leap as your move action. Doing so will allow you to move once without provoking opportunity attacks as you basically leap over your foes. A great way to give a troublesome enemy the slip.


13th Age: The New World Twibbit